Roger Roberts

Posted by on Oct 18, 2012 in Artists

Following a wood carving course around 15 years ago, Roger completed a number of pieces as a hobby. After designing and carving a four metre high totem pole for his children’s Primary School six years ago, Roger realised that carving was more than a hobby and had become a passion. Over the past 18 months Roger has diversified into stone carving, covering soapstone, alabaster, serpentine and granite, while continuing to carve in wood. He has undertaken a few small commissions and is working on increasingly larger pieces.

Roger’s themes are based on natural shapes, predominantly animal and human, producing pieces that are sympathetic to the subject without being direct renderings of the original. Roger has a keen interest in history and seeks inspiration from different ages, as well as from more modern styles. He prefers to release the shape inherent in a piece of wood or stone, rather than dictate what the piece should be. This can be influenced by the shape, structure and “faults” within the selected material, particularly when bits break off, resulting in a unique and sometimes unexpected piece emerging from the raw material.

Roger is currently building up his portfolio of work both for selling and exhibiting and welcomes further commissions.

Roger lives in Brockham, Surrey

Tel: 07503 696264

e-mail: Roger Roberts