Nikki Taylor

Posted by on Aug 19, 2012 in Artists

I graduated from Wimbledon School of Art in 2003, where I had pursued my dual passions of figure sculpture and interactive kinetic art. I have been striving since then to unite the two themes in my sculpture, realising that the fascination of the human (and animal) body for me isthe sense of interactive energy in the form.

Schooled in the process of clay modelling for casting. I still use this approach for some aspects of my work, including portraiture. However I have been searching for a medium in which I can sculpt direct and deliver the lightness of touch and immediacy I feel better expresses my subject.

I have now developed a range of work in perforated metal or wire mesh. Mesh provides the responsiveness to hand modelling that I have been looking for and a material, visually, not structurally, of ethereal insubstantiality. In my latest work, the eye of the viewer reacts with the mesh to create optical moire effects. This imbues finished pieces with an actual visible and interactive energy, rather than a mere suggestion.

The flow of light and the elements through the work is my expresssion of the synergy between the matter and energy which constitute our bodies and that of the universe that surrounds us. It is ultimately the same – dust from the stars and energy from the sun.

I exhibit in this country and in Paris and have works in Britain and America.

Nikki lives in Dorking, Surrey

Tel: 01306 882 685

e-mail: Nikki Taylor