Maureen Langley

Posted by on Oct 16, 2012 in Artists

Maureen Langley is a renowned South African sculptor whose has worked in South Africa, England and Wales. Maureen’s sculpture works have been shipped all over the world and are treasured by collectors. Maureen’s sculptures in wood, bronze, marble and other materials grace buildings, churches, boardrooms and private homes and have been bought by collectors in South Africa the UK and Europe, particularly Germany and Switzerland, and the USA.

Maureen’s prevailing love is African Hardwood, on which she can create a magnificent sculpture with anything from a small chisel to a chainsaw!
Maureen has been able to pass on her love of sculpture and its techniques by teaching at various schools and colleges over four decades.

Maureen sculpts for the sheer love of it because the hardwood she has selected demands to be carved into a certain form. She also works on a commission basis and often accepts commissions for sculptures in wood and bronze as well as portrait busts.

Maureen was born in South Africa but now lives in Surrey, England. Not wanting to leave Africa behind, she shipped 61 logs of different coloured African indigenous hardwood (all fumigated and stamped, according to the law). From these, Maureen created many sculpture works, some of which were displayed at an exhibition 2005 in Wales, appropriately named ‘A Sculptor’s Journey’

Maureen lives in Lingfield, Surrey

Tel: 01342 872816

e-mail: Maureen Langley