Mary Kaun English

Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Artists

Mary English is a contemporary ceramic artist currently living in Britain. She was born and raised in Southern California where her passion for nature started as a young girl. Mary takes that love of nature and uses it in creating her hand-built sculptures made from clay. These pieces are smoke fired exposing the clay to the smoke given off by the natural organic materials used to fuel the fire. The results are organic sculptures embellished with an account of the smokes ephemeral passage across the clay. By reason of this, each one of her sculptures is unique.

Her recent work centres around an opening in the form; this fundamental part of the work allows air and light into the solid form of the structure.

‘My intention, in both the process of creating the work and in the work itself, is to combine the bodily, earthly and un-spiritual components with the in-material, ethereal and spiritual elements.

Mary lives in Surrey

Tel: 01372 450 525

e-mail: Mary Kaun English