Marie Boyle

Posted by on Oct 12, 2012 in Artists, Bronze, Figurative, Resin


Late developer, started sculpting around 2000 when she discovered she couldn’t just ‘walk off the street and purchase a Rodin, wallet not permitting!’

Only ever interested in the figurative, her influences are vast and while she courts affairs with the postmodern greats like Rodin and Degas, her first love is the Renaissance figurative form of Giambologna, Bernini, Michelangelo et al. This passion for the historic, combined with her love for the contemporary Olympic athlete, the Ballet dancer and the acrobat have all impacted on her work, enabling her to express in a physical reality the beauty and spirit of the human species.

The Mythological is never too far away with a bizarre love of pointed ears, horns, and antlers on human heads. Coming from the Isle of Saints and Scholars, one would expect no less.
And to come full circle, she has recently taken up Tai Chi and Qui Gong ergo meditation and cultivation of chi, will manifest a new trajectory, so that stillness will emerge in her Oeuvre.

To convey an emotive and connective radiance of figurative art to people, be they onlookers or buyers, is her enduring remit.

Marie lives in Buckinghamshire

Tel: 01296 625466

e-mail: Marie Boyle