Helen Pittick

Posted by on Oct 18, 2012 in Artists

‘It all began with a rocking horse, the thrill of the movement creating the desire to ride a real horse.
My earliest artworks weren’t the usual house scenes , I crayoned horses’

As Helen grew up she became a keen rider, passionate about the power and movement of the horse and transfixed by their graceful beauty.

‘In every sculpture I try to show the character of the animal and capture it’s spirit.
I love to study the flow of the animal’s movement and translate this into my work’

Helen takes a huge amount of inspiration from her love of dressage, such grace, power and beauty being shown in the most obedient way.
When she is not sculpting you can find her with her horse, he is a permanent model and seems to understand when he’s being measured and sketched.

Helen’s work is started in clay or wax and when she is happy with the piece, moulds are taken and casts are produced in either Bronze or Bronze Resin.

Helen has a studio in the Surrey Hills.

Helen’s work is in private collections in the UK, America, and United Arab Emirates.

Helen lives in Peaslake, Surrey

Tel: 01306 731067

e-mail: Helen Pittick