Graham Heeley

Posted by on Oct 27, 2015 in Abstract, Animal, Artists, Figurative, Stone, Wood


After a three year term of Study 1978 – 82 with Stuart J Osborne FRCA an assistant of Jacob Epstein. Graham went on to work on stone carved restoration projects on Westminster Palace, the Scottish National Gallery, Whitehall Foreign Office amongst many others. Followed by a three year period in Fine Art restoration of sculpture from all over the globe and from many periods. He has been creating fine and decorative art – sculpture,objects and architectural elements on commission to architects, designers and private clients over twenty years for residences around the world. Graham has also created many busts during this period. He has taught sculpture and wood, stone carving.

Graham is a compulsive maker and has an aptitude for technical invention. Acquiring techniques to then carry on evolving. The perfection of craft/artistry mean a lot to him as they embody a consummate connection that can be deeply felt in the whole of the creating process.

The sequence of: idea, experiment, discovery and development is perpetually intoxicating and totally addictive and there is a multitude of ideas to follow.

Recent and ongoing work :
Abstract faceted forms of utilitarian nature.
Female self contained figures ‘direct’ carved in wood.
Semi figurative forms.
A series titled Fructus voluptua.
Rectilinear and organic art furniture.
Female beach figures ‘direct’ carved in Portland stone.
Busts and fine wood portrait reliefs.

Graham works near Horsham, West Sussex

Phone: 01403 790250

e-mail: Graham Heeley