Gill Brown

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Gill Brown studied sculpture at the Liverpool College of Art for five years. She then undertook a number of teaching posts in special schools, teaching art, sculpture and pottery to partially sighted children and children with learning difficulties.

She has travelled widely, North America in her twenties where she worked as a freelance artist and Kenya after she married. After returning from Kenya she resumed teaching sculpture and pottery and during this period began to build up a body of work for exhibition.

Gill’s work is both figurative and abstract and varies from small maquettes to life-size pieces and she casts only in bronze. Wildlife subjects range from soaring Arctic Terns to fleet-footed horses. She has also cast many abstract sculptures, particularly inspired by birds and wildlife and has sold over 250 bronzes.

She is married with three children and currently lives and works near Tunbridge Wells. She has published two novels, articles, poetry and comedy for radio.

Gill lives near Tunbridge Wells

Tel: 07762 945 951

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