Donald Foxley

Posted by on Aug 19, 2012 in Abstract, Artists

I create abstract sculptures in a range of sizes and materials. I particularly like making large pieces for garden settings. I work in the abstract because it allows me to express what I feel about line, surface and volume, uncluttered by any need to create a copy of anything.

My work is, however, usually based on nature, very often tiny discarded objects whose elegance is revealed when developed on a much larger scale. This often gives rise to a series of similar pieces of different sizes, which can be tailored to a particular client’s setting. These sometimes contain echoes of human form (not always obvious at first glance), sometimes not. My smaller pieces are usually in clay or plaster, and the larger ones in resin, which is durable and can take a wide variety of finishes. I have also recently taken up stone carving.

I exhibit at many locations, mostly in the south east, including the RHS gardens at Wisley and Sausmarez Manor in Guernsey, and also in Cumbria where I now live.

I also teach sculpture in Adult Education classes and to disadvantaged groups, and I give talks to groups such as art clubs and the W.I.

I am happy to work to commission and I recently dispatched a large piece to a client in Florida.

Donald lives near Carlisle, Cumbria

Tel: 01697 473670

e-mail: Donald Foxley