Christina Ballard

Posted by on Jul 30, 2013 in Artists, Figurative, instalation, Metal, Wood

Christina’s artistic practice is predominatly sculpture. She was born in Somerset, England in 1979, and lives in London.

Her work explores a translation of the processes and vocabulary of geology into sculptural form: canyons, rivers, rocks, waves, erosion, shifting, weathering, force. Landscapes that influence her work are dramatic, shaped by powerful forces of nature over time. Her interest in the natural world extends to representing plant life; creating flowers and grasses in metal.

Christina aims to bring together her love of nature and questions around our relationship with the natural world.

Texture and scale are important elements, reflecting geological processes in nature at an intimate size, on the edge of model-making.

Her current work is a study of rocky landscapes, rock strata and rivers: the Fish River canyon of Namibia; pancake rock strata of New Zealand; aerial views of the Grand Canyon, and the rugged coastline of the British Isles.

She uses materials sourced mostly from the natural world: lead, wood, copper and steel. She often makes her sculptures using images as a reference point, and draws on memories from travels.

Christina lives in south London

Tel:  07507 662 789

e-mail: Christina Ballard