Bridget J Powell

Posted by on Apr 25, 2013 in Abstract, Artists, Figurative, Metal, Stone, Wood

I studied at Reigate School of Art and Design for 5 years in the Sculpture Dept.

I have worked for myself since I left in 1977. Among the work I have done during this time includes Assistant to John Skelton Sculptor, wood carving and restoration, puppet and mask making for theatre and television. Since 1985 I have mainly been working in the memorial area design and carving gravestones, commemorative plaques and house signs.

In between all this I work on my own sculpture which is figurative to abstract some of which are for commission.

I tend to work in a direct medium i.e. carving wood, stone and recently using sheet lead. I feel that the original crispness is retained. I also use clay and plaster which would be cast into metal or resin. In the future I would like to try working on the construction of different materials.

My inspirations and influences are often taken from organic forms. I work very much from intuition, emotional responses to form, movement in a static form, spaces within shapes and expression of the human condition.

I would like to incorporate plants with sculptures for gardens.

Bridget lives in Horley, Surrey

Tel: 01293 784413

e-mail: Bridget J Powell