Barry Chamberlain

Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Artists

Having graduated from Winchester School of Art (studying under sculptor Professor John Gibbons) Barry went on to complete a post graduate course at Cypress College of Art. He continues to exhibit in a large amount of exhibitions on a regular basis with commissions and work held in private collections nationally and internationally.

The work ranges from large abstract metal sculptures in mild or stainless steel to smaller sculptures. Working in metal, primary stainless steel he pushes the material to there physical limits by tacking, shaping and welding form using an evolutionary methods, the work evolves creating organic structures which can be contained and solid, like industrial vessels or open growing forms reminiscent of the natural environment.

Ideas underpinning the work include notions of parts and segments’ making the whole; Barry uses this formula to create structure and the sculpture, giving connotations of growth and movement, like a natural process. While his linear work can hint at the inside and supporting structures of vein like conductors in plants or the human body. The surface of the solid forms read as a skin wrapping around the space, like a receptacle or vessel which becomes a container. The aim is to create innovative challenging sculptures that are believable as once functioning objects or patterns in nature.

Barry lives near Newbury, Berkshire

Tel: 01635 248658

e-mail: Barry Chamberlain