Angie Doy

Posted by on Sep 25, 2016 in Artists, Bronze, Resin

I have always struggled with writing Artist Statements. Maybe it is because the word statement is so static and final. My pieces are for me the beginning of a story, one in which I create their reason for being, but which may have begun a thousand years before or just yesterday. As I form them with my hands, my imagination builds their story, but it is not one to share with others as they will naturally make their own, I merely provide the character.

A figurative artist, I work primarily in clay and then cast into bronze or metal resins. In part I am Inspired by prehistoric art and mythology, where my work aims to express a sense of emotion, or spirit, of a time and place which is intentionally ambiguous. Whilst another part of me is not so serious and, once in a while, some humorous character will escape through my fingertips

Angie recently moved to Norfolk from London

Tel: 07905 208 972