Allan Mackenzie

Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in Artists

After completing courses in commercial art and graphic design, I went into the world of construction for the next 30 years. The urge to get back to my roots became too strong and led me back into art to create sculpture.

I focus on using solid art and form to replace less interesting materials, to bring sculpture into the home and garden giving each piece a place of permanent residency. I form smaller pieces in clay and my larger sculpture in casting plaster from full size scale drawings. I then make my own silicone and fibreglass moulds and cast my pieces in cold metals, stone resin and Jesmonite stone.

My work ranges from medium size build in pieces, smaller internal and external ornamental and large external stand alone works.

Allan lives in Burwash, East Sussex

Tel: 01435 884078

e-mail: Allan Mackenzie