Abby Martin

Posted by on Oct 16, 2012 in Artists


My sculptures are inspired by the natural environment, being described as manmade nature or ‘fake nature’. They are intentionally non-confrontational, blending in with their organic environment, enhancing and transforming a space creating a unobtrusive natural scene. They leave the audience at leisure to pass through at will, providing a source of escapism.

The motivation behind the installation “Mycelium Major and Minor” was described as “Underneath the undergrowth ideas spread as spores, creating canopies to explore…” For Wisley 2015 the sculptures on the rockery extend this theme, magnifying pipe clubs or pin mushrooms to create majestic pin forms to punctuate the landscape.

Materials with contrasting qualities, such as wax/water and bronze/paper are used to create forms organic in appearance by accumulative processes such as dripping, scratching, melting and dipping, mirroring effects created by the elements over time.

Creating a positive emotional response in the viewer is a main aim and is achieved through a variety of public commissions and vibrant private works cast into durable materials such as metal or stone resin for inside and outside spaces.

Abby Martin lives in West Sussex

Tel: 07944 607795

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