About Us

From small beginnings – a group of fourteen sculptors living in Surrey in 1994 – the Society has grown into a major force of over 350 members, spread across the South-East. Encompassing both professionals and talented amateurs, it aims to promote interaction between sculptors, to organise exhibitions and to encourage an appreciation of sculpture.

The Society holds six major exhibitions annually – trails through prestigious gardens where the larger sculptures come into their own and shows at indoor venues, which best display the smaller works. The Society’s strength is the great variety of subject matter, materials and styles shown at each: the traditional and contemporary, figurative and abstract; works in stone, bronze, metals, found materials, ceramics, glass, resins, wood. There is invariably something for every visitor to enjoy, as well as a friendly atmosphere where browsers as well as buyers are equally welcome. Check out the Artists’ galleries to see the quality and variety of work produced by members.

To encourage appreciation of sculpture, the Society stages a number of lectures by leading sculptors during the year. Hosted at Surrey University, recent events have featured such luminaries as Peter Randall-Page and Jon Edgar.

Art can be a lonely business, so the Society also aims to provide its members with ways to meet other sculptors in their area. 10 self-managing regional groups exist which provide social and sculpture-related activities. Members are free to join these groups if they so wish.

If you like what you see on the Surrey Sculpture Society website, then why not visit one of our exhibitions this year? If you are a professional sculptor looking for outlets for your work or a budding amateur looking to develop your skills, then why not join the Society?